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How to apply

Requirements to apply for ISH

Before applying please remember that you have to

  1. live/ be in school in one of our sister cities/ partner organizations and that
  2. you should be at least 16 years of age

Application material

  • Click here to download the application form (80 KB) as a PDF. Please fill it out electronically.
  • Short essay (approx. 200 words) showing why the applicant is interested in scientific research and why she/he would like to take part in the ISH 
  • Copy of final school report
  • Additional written certificates documenting
       good results in English
       good results in natural sciences
       extra-curricular activities in these fields

Please send your application by mail to the International Relations Office of your city or to the partner organization until 6 April 2018.

Important Dates/ Deadlines in 2018

Submission of application documents 6 April 2018
Telephone interview Middle of April 
Forwarding of participant's travel dates to the City of Heidelberg 1 June 2018
Time limit for receipt of bank transfer of participant's contribution (300 €) 1 June 2018
For institutes: Announcement of the available internships 22 June 2018
Arrival 22 July 2018
Departure 18 August 2018

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.