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Welcome to the International Summer Science School Heidelberg!

The International Summer Science School (ISH) is a project for young people from Heidelberg's sister cities and partner organizations who are interested in natural sciences and would like to get a practical insight into the laboratories of renowned research institutes. The participants should be at least 16 years of age and need to live/ be in school in one of our sister cities/ partner organizations.

On this website, you will find background information about the ISH, Heidelberg and its research institutes and you can get in contact with the organizers and former participants.

The XXIVth International Summer Science School will take place from 21 July to 17 August 2019.

A group of ISH-students in 2017 on the old bridge in Heidelberg. (Photo: Rothe)


Welcome to the International Summer Science School!

An ISH-student in the lab. (Photo: Dittmer)

Research institutes

Find out more about the institutions and the scientific program.

World map. (Photo: City of Heidelberg)

Sister cities and partners

Since 1996 young people from Heiberg’s sister cities, particularly talented in natural sciences are offered the possibilities of gaining first insights into the world of research during the ISH.

Hand on mouse. (Photo: Pellner/City of Heidelberg)

How to apply

Before applying please remember our guidelines.

Aerial photo with the Garden of Science and the Youth Village (Photo: Jochen Reder)

The model ISSI

Find out more about the model International Summer Science Institute at the Weizmann Institute, Reholt.

The district Neuenheimer Feld from above. (Photo: Venus)

Scientific Advisory Board

In 1999 the 'Scientific Council of the International Summer Science School Heidelberg' was established, which is called Scientific Advisory Board today.