Group Photo NYSF

National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

Location Canberra, Perth (Australia)
Partner organization of Heidelberg Since 2010
Description The NYSF is an Australian program in Canberra and Perth, which is supported by Australian universities, major industrial businesses and national research institutes. Similar to the International Summer Science School Heidelberg (ISH), year 12 students who are particularly talented in science get an insight in the field of research.
Besides the visit in laboratories and scientific institutions, the program offers various leisure activities. Since 2010, three students from Heidelberg have taken part in the NYSF every year.
Specialty The exchange with the NYSF is in co-cooperation with the ISH. 
Universities involved Australian National University in Canberra, Curtin University and University of Western Australia in Perth
First year of participation in the ISH 2010



National Youth Science Forum, Centre for Learning and Teaching, Physics
The Australian National University
Building 38, Science Road
Canberra    ACT 0200
Telefon +61 2 6125 2777