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Max Planck Institute for Medical Research (MPI-M)


In every living cell, many thousands of different and highly complex macromolecules interact with each other. A central problem of modern biology is to observe the behaviour of individual, single molecules in such a complex mixture, ideally many different kinds simultaneously, to see how different molecules interact with each other -- when, where, how, and for what purpose.
At the Max Planck Institute for medical Research, scientists from many different areas (mainly biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics) work together to develop new methods for making these interactions visible at high spatial and temporal resolution. These new tools are then used to analyze the mechanisms of important processes in molecular and cell biology, in health and disease.


Jahnstr. 29
69120 Heidelberg
Dr. John Wray
Tel. 49-6221-486277
Elisabeth Fuhry
Tel. 49-6221-486650