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Program ISH

You can download the program for the ISH 2019 here (210.8 KB).

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The first week of the International Summer Science School Heidelberg starts with an introductory day for orientation, aimed at presenting the ISH program, discussing open questions, clarifying organizational matters and getting to know each other.

Explo Workshop

The second part of the first week consists of common workshops at the ExploLearnLab and, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Max-Planck-Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Max-Planck-Institute of Astronomy/ the House of Astronomy. These are meant to prepare the participants for practical work at the institutes through first insights into basic research technologies and theory.

The 3-week practical training at the scientific institutes starts after the introductory week. The course and targets of the practical training are fixed by the individual institutes and by the scientific tutors. This also applies to working times. The institutes participating in the ISH and the respective tutors dedicate “on a voluntary basis“ considerable amounts of time and personal commitment to the work with the participants of ISH. The participants should therefore have a strong interest in natural sciences, be capable of independent work and using their own initiative.

Beside the scientific program there are excursions in and around Heidelberg.

Bike trip to Ladenburg
Excursion to Speyer