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Frequently Asked Questions

You still have questions? We hope that you are going to find your answers here...

When, where and for how long does the ISH take place?

It takes place every summer for 4 weeks in Heidelberg. (For details, download the program)

Who can apply for the ISH?

The candidates should be in the second last or last year of grammar school and resident in one of the sister cities or countries of the partner organizations.

How many applicants can participate?

Each sister city / partner organization chooses 2 candidates.

How are the candidates selected?

First of all the sister city or partner organization narrows the number of applicants down to two. The Scientific Advisory Board of the ISH checks the scientific abilities and holds an English interview if necessary.

How will I be divided into the institutes?

The Scientific Advisory Board of the ISH tries to divide the participants into internships according to their preferences. Depending on the available places, however, it may happen that not every participant receives the place of his or her preference. See this as an opportunity to immerse yourself in new things.

In which language is the ISH held?

The official language is ENGLISH. All courses and activities are held in English.

What does it cost to participate?

Each participant has to pay a fee of 300 € for accommodation, half-board, practical training and supporting programme.

What about the travel costs?

 All travel costs are to be borne by the participants, if the sister city or partner organization does not bear them (Please ask your responsible office!).

Are there extra costs?

The participant has to pay for his/her lunch, which will be about 150 €. Besides that it depends on the participant how much extra money is needed for shopping and/or souvenirs, snacks...

What kind of presentations will I have to do?

In the last week of the ISH there will be a presentation, in which you will present the work you have done the last weeks at the research institutes. Those who have worked in teams at the institutes will also give the presentation together. This should take about 15 minutes, if you work alone it should take around 10 minutes.
You can use any medium you like. PowerPoint is frequently used.

I am student in Heidelberg - can I also take part at the ISH?

There are special conditions for Heidelberg students: You can only take part in the introductory week and in cultural framework program. For that you have to be a candidate for the "National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)" in Australia.
Each year, the principals of Heidelberg secondary schools nominate two sixth formers as candidate for NYSF.

For further information please contact your principal or the Mayor's Office, Town Twinnings.