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Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University (ZMBH)

The Center for Molecular Biology of Heidelberg University (ZMBH) is a leading institution of molecular biology research and teaching. Scientists of the center investigate the functioning and regulation of molecules, cells and organisms with state-of-the-art tools and have made a number of ground-breaking discoveries. ZMBH topics are cellular quality control and damage responses, organization and function of genetic information, and the molecular basis of individuality and evolution. Research at the center contributes to uncovering the molecular causes of diseases and ageing as well as the processes that maintain healthy cells and organisms.
ZMBH faculty is committed to training junior scientists within bachelor’s and master’s programs and structured graduate training programs.

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Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie der Universität Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 282
69120 Heidelberg